Governor signs multistate, cooperative wildfire memorandum

November 20, 2007

Nevada Governor Jim GibbonsCARSON CITY, Nev.–Governor Jim Gibbons signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the governors of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming to outline and formulate a cooperative plan to ensure the continued coordinated support efforts for wildland fire fuels management and rehabilitation efforts between all four states.

“Due to exceptionally dry conditions and a lack of available forage, Nevada lost nearly one million acres this past fire season. If we fail to adequately rehabilitate this land, cheat grass and other invasive species will replace native plants, creating an even greater risk for future fires,” said Governor Jim Gibbons. “The threat of future catastrophic wildfires caused by cheat grass and drought is not limited to the State of Nevada. In fact, many western states face similar challenges during and after fire season, which is why the partnership between Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming is critically important to our collective restoration and prevention efforts. I thank Governors Otter, Huntsman, and Freudenthal for their cooperation and efforts to address these important issues.” Read the rest of this entry »