DCNR Budget Update

June 29, 2008

[Editor’s note: This is an email sent in June by Director Allen Biaggi to DCNR employees.]Allen Biaggi, director of the Nevada Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources

Good afternoon to everyone in DCNR.

To say these are trying times is an understatement. State revenues continue to be weak, resulting in the need for DCNR’s administration and budget staff to evaluate further cuts for the 2009 fiscal year as well as the next biennium (more below). These reductions have the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business and achieve our agency mandates. I will continue to work with the agency administrators to identify the necessary budget reductions while still providing essential services to our customers and regulated communities.

I would like to thank DCNR’s Deputy Director, Kay Scherer for her hard work and professionalism in understanding the extremely complicated reduction directives and guiding us through this process. It is critical we make our reductions in a logical and strategic way, understanding the implications to our programs, employees and Nevada’s citizens. I want to make this process as transparent as possible and keep the lines of communication open with all DCNR employees.

Allen Biaggi
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