Boies Ranches receive landscape stewardship commendation

November 25, 2008

[Submitted news release.] landship-commendation

Steve and Robin Boies, of Elko County, Nevada, were presented with the Public Lands Foundation’s (PLF) Commendation and Certificate of Appreciation for their efforts in community based landscape stewardship on public land administered by the federal Bureau of Land Management  at a special ceremony at ranch headquarters on November 18, 2008. Tom Allen of the PLF, a national conservation organization, made the presentation at the meeting at the ranch.

“Boies Ranches has shown extraordinary initiative aimed at trying to spark a new way of dealing with natural resource management that advocates productive working relationships between agencies, land users, special interest groups, and other interested parties to peacefully resolve land use conflicts and lead to improved resource conditions that benefit all parties.

“The Boies family’s efforts do not stop at the boundaries of their ranch. Members of the family have traveled extensively to take part in various workshops, to spread their experiences to other parties, and to learn new techniques and concepts that can be applied in theft operations and on other landscapes in Nevada. We are pleased to be able to honor Boies Ranches for their efforts,” said Tom Allen, PLF representative in making the award.

In nominating Boies Ranches for the award, Ken Miller, the BLM’s Elko District Manager explained that Boies Ranches has consistently demonstrated a substantial commitment of time and effort in improving the land and the resources on it. Boies Ranches became an active participant in the Shoesole group, which is named after a historic brand of one of the larger historic ranch operations in the region. Read the rest of this entry »


High Desert Council gets federal funds for new projects in southern Nevada

August 19, 2008

LAS VEGAS — Laurelle Hughes, president, High Desert Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc., and Ron Davidson, acting state conservationist for the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Nevada, have signed an agreement to partner on five new projects in southern Nevada.

The five projects will stimulate economic development and increase conservation efforts in southern Nevada. “We’re really excited about these new opportunities to help our rural areas,” said Hughes. “The projects will create jobs and make the areas better places to live.” Read the rest of this entry »