Fuels reduction continuing on Nevada state urban parcels in the Lake Tahoe Basin

July 9, 2008

LAKE TAHOE, Nev.–The Nevada Division of State Lands is continuing fuels reduction work on state-owned, urban parcels on the eastern side of the Lake Tahoe basin. Work consists primarily of brush removal and the thinning of smaller diameter trees in residential areas of Washoe and Douglas counties.

“Reducing hazardous fuel is our primary objective as most of the state-owned parcels are in residential neighborhoods,” said Jim Lawrence, Division of State Lands’ administrator. “We are fulfilling our responsibilities as owners of these parcels.” Read the rest of this entry »


Fuels reduction continuing on East Carson Range

May 22, 2008

Fuels reduction continuing on East Carson Range

CARSON CITY, Nev.–The Nevada Division of Forestry and Division of State Parks are continuing fuels reduction work in northwest Carson City. Work consisting primarily of brush removal and thinning smaller diameter trees started as a result of the 2004 Waterfall Fire. Approximately 34 acres have been treated since work began in 2005.

“In 2007, the Division of State Parks and the Division of Forestry worked together to complete a 10-year fuels management plan to address the threat of wildfires starting in or moving through Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park,” said David Morrow, Division of State Parks’ administrator. Read the rest of this entry »