Ichthyosaur, State Fossil of Nevada (KLAS-TV)

November 27, 2007

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada

Can you name the official state fossil of Nevada? It’s the ichthyosaur, a behemoth that was 50 feet long and ruled the seas hundreds of millions of years ago. Some of the largest ichthyosaur fossils in the world were found in Nevada, but just recently, a new scientific controversy has emerged about how these giant reptiles got around.

This might sound like an odd topic for the I-Team. However, few people in Southern Nevada seem to know it, but there’s a state park devoted to the ichthyosaur. It’s in central Nevada in what used to be a mining camp called Berlin. That’s where scientists found the remains of nearly 40 different ichthyosaurs. They plowed through the ocean above what is now Nevada, but back then, this land mass was down by the equator. 

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