Fuels reduction continuing on Nevada state urban parcels in the Lake Tahoe Basin

LAKE TAHOE, Nev.–The Nevada Division of State Lands is continuing fuels reduction work on state-owned, urban parcels on the eastern side of the Lake Tahoe basin. Work consists primarily of brush removal and the thinning of smaller diameter trees in residential areas of Washoe and Douglas counties.

“Reducing hazardous fuel is our primary objective as most of the state-owned parcels are in residential neighborhoods,” said Jim Lawrence, Division of State Lands’ administrator. “We are fulfilling our responsibilities as owners of these parcels.”

Parcels scheduled for treatment are an important piece of a larger strategy that incorporates fuels reduction work by other cooperators and agencies. Nevada Division of State Lands collaborates with local communities, the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District, the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, the U.S. Forest Service and the Nevada Fire Safe Council.

In 1993, the state began a fuels reduction and forest improvement program to decrease the fire risk on its urban parcels.

“Our goal is to treat each parcel every eight to 10 years,” Lawrence said. “At this point, 85 percent of our lots have had an initial treatment. This work is critical to minimize the risk and impact of a wildfire by reducing the amount of potential fuels on state-owned parcels.”.

Funding for the work comes from multiple sources, with the majority coming from the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act, or SNPLMA. These funds are vital for the continued treatment success and future management activities of the almost 500 state-owned urban parcels, which were purchased by the state as part of the voter-approved 1986 Tahoe Basin Act.

For information, please contact Jeff Haas at 775-684-2743 or Elyse Randles at 775-684-2735.


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