On Foot: Spooner Lake aspen grove is a summer paradise (Chico ER)

Spooner Lake sits in an alpine meadow to the east of Lake Tahoe, almost at the junction of highways 28 and 50. A Nevada State Park, Spooner Lake is part of a trail system that connects Tahoe Rim Trail, Marlette Lake, Spooner Summit and the Great Flume trails that go north from Highway 50 to Mount Rose Interpretive Trail along Highway 431 at the north. Most of these trails are long hauls — 10 and 20-mile treks that gain more than 1,000 feet in elevation.

Spooner Lake is great for families because it’s flat and just a 1.6-mile loop. But the real fun of Spooner Lake is its changing scenery as hikers move around the lake.

At the west end are a number of flat granite boulders that were used by Washoe Indians hundreds of years ago to grind pine nuts and acorns into staples such as biscuits and mush. According to the book, “Lake Tahoe,” by Lisa Gollin Evans, the lake area was the site a summer camps for the Washoe.

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