Increased law enforcement at Lahontan during Memorial Day weekend


SILVER SPRINGS, Nev.–Nevada Division of State Parks personnel are gearing up for a busy Memorial Day weekend at Lahontan State Recreation Area.

Up to 15,000 people are expected each day at Lahontan during the weekend. Preparation includes increased law enforcement activities designed to crack down on underage drinking, driving under the influence, fighting and other offenses.

“Lahontan has long posed a law enforcement challenge for the Division of State Parks,” said Rob Holley, park supervisor. The park’s size, with approximately 69 miles of shoreline, multiple access points, location in two counties, as well as its proximity to the state’s western population centers, have made the park a popular location for during holiday weekends.

“We are asking visitors to report any suspicious or criminal activity, before it escalates into something more serious,” Holley said.

Holley added that increased law enforcement and public outreach efforts include:

  • Encouraging visitors to immediately report emergencies by calling 911 and non-emergencies by calling 775-577-5023 in Lyon County (Silver Springs area) or 775-423-3116 in Churchill County (Lahontan Dam area);
  • Emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for citable offenses such as underage drinking, fighting and driving under the influence;
  • Staffing the park with additional rangers from Nevada State Parks, as well as more law enforcement officers from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Department of Wildlife; and
  • Advising potential park visitors to consider other recreation areas for the weekend, such as Walker Lake, Washoe Lake and Pyramid Lake.

Contact Rob Holley at 775-577-2235 for more information.


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