Lahontan is open to boating despite low water

SILVER SPRINGS, Nev.–Although Lahontan Reservoir is only a third full, boaters are still able to enjoy plenty of access to the reservoir. It is expected that reservoir levels will remain stable well into June.

The Silver Springs launch ramps are usable–however, the north shore marina ramps are marginal for boat launching.

Beach launching is permitted but requires the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Park rangers advise visitors to launch in sandy areas only, avoiding all areas with silt or mud. Beach launching near Lahontan Dam is best near beach 10. On the Silver Springs side, beaches 7 and 9 are recommended.

“Reservoir levels fluctuate daily,” Park Supervisor Rob Holley said. “Logs and other debris enter the reservoir as a result of spring run-off. Please use extreme caution when boating on Lahontan Reservoir, and do so at your own risk.”


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