Return of the non-natives

CheatgrassCheatgrass adds fuel to the fire 

Soon the false promise of green will sweep through the brown hills of Reno and Sparks. Then it will all be gone, replaced by a vast yellow rug of creepy knee-high soldiers. This is the way of Bromus tectorum, a noxious weed more commonly known as cheatgrass.

Cheatgrass is a non-native annual grass that was originally and accidentally introduced to the United States in livestock seed in the 1880s. Now it’s growing in every state. In Nevada, it’s in every county.

“It’s found almost everywhere, but it’s concentrated in the West,” says Earl Creech, state weed specialist for the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. “In Nevada, it’s just about every square inch that’s been disturbed by fire or grazing.”

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