Tread Lightly organization wins the Boys Scouts of America award

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CARSON CITY, Nev.—The Nevada Division of State Parks, in conjunction with The Center for Responsible Outdoor Activities and Recreation, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service, are proud to announce that the Boy Scouts of America has accepted the nomination of the Tread Lightly organization of Ogden, Utah for the William T. Hornaday Gold Certificate Award.

The Boy Scouts of America describe the award as the “Olympic Medal Bestowed by the Earth.”

The award was presented yesterday to Tread Lightly in a ceremony before federal land management agency representatives, The Center for Responsible Outdoor Activities and Recreation and Nevada State Parks representatives. State Parks nominated Tread Lightly for the award.

The purpose of the Hornaday awards program is to encourage learning about natural resource conservation and the environment, said Allen Newberry, chief of operations and maintenance for Nevada State Parks. The goal of this award program is to encourage and recognize outstanding efforts undertaken by scouters and organizations that have contributed to natural resource conservation and environmental protection.

The Tread Lightly program began in 1985 as a means of addressing concerns with the increasing numbers of people using the outdoors and the impacts resulting from recreational activities. The Tread Lightly message places emphasis on teaching respect for the environment, the ethical use of the outdoors and the rights of other users.


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