Ely Energy Center power plant public hearing set for Jan. 9

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CARSON CITY, Nev.–The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), Bureau of Air Pollution Control, will hold a public hearing Wednesday, Jan. 9, in Ely, Nevada, on its technical evaluation of the permit application submitted by Sierra Pacific Resources for its Ely Energy Center coal-fired power plant, proposed for construction in eastern Nevada.

The hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Bristlecone Convention Center, Bristlecone Room, 150 Sixth St., in Ely.

Members of the public are invited to comment on NDEP’s technical evaluation of the company’s air pollution control permit application for the proposed power plant and whether it meets all existing state and federal clean air standards. The draft air pollution control permit for the plant has been out for public comment since Nov. 7, 2007.

“We want to make sure everyone understands that this hearing is solely for the purpose of receiving technical comments from the public regarding NDEP’s evaluation of the permit application. It’s also an opportunity for the public to comment and to ask questions regarding whether the proposed plant will meet all current federal and state clean air standards,” said Greg Remer, bureau chief for NDEP’s Bureau of Air Pollution Control. “The hearing will not be a town meeting on whether they oppose or support the construction of the plant, and it won’t be a forum to air concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.”

Remer noted that there are currently no federal or state clean air standards or regulations that govern carbon dioxide emissions or other greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

“Should severe weather conditions prevent the public hearing from taking place, NDEP will expeditiously provide for a new public notice to reschedule the hearing,” Remer added.

He noted that members of the public can submit written comments through the end of the public comment period, which has been extended to Jan. 23, 2008. Comments should be addressed to:

Francisco Vega
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Air Pollution Control
901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 4001
Carson City, Nevada 89701-5249

Copies of the permit application, draft permit, and public notice along with other related information can be found on NDEP’s website at: http://www.ndep.nv.gov/bapc/ely.html.


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