Federal Land and Water Conservation grant funds available

Lamoille, Nevada waterfall. Photo courtesy of the Nevada Commission on Tourism. 

CARSON CITY, Nev.—The Nevada Division of State Parks announced today that there are federal funds available for local park and recreation capital improvement and acquisition projects through the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Counties, cities, unincorporated towns, general improvement districts and Native American tribes are potentially eligible for the 50:50 matching grants offered through the program. This National Park Service grant program is administered for Nevada by the State Parks division. Projects are being solicited for the 2007 and 2008 fiscal years.

Application packages will be available on State Parks’ website on November 15, 2007. Hard copies are also available upon request. The due date for fiscal year 2007 applications is January 31, 2008 by 5:00 pm. Faxed copies are not accepted.

Several sources of federal appropriations are available:

  1. For federal fiscal year 2007, $130,958 is available to local governments
  2. There is approximately $101,877 in unused funds from past years that may be available to local governments for this application period
  3. State Parks is anticipating appropriations in 2008 will be similar to 2007.

Available funding will range from $130,958 to about $446,803. Applications will be prioritized based on criteria described in the grant manual. Projects will be funded with the available funds first, and as the 2008 appropriations arrive, the remaining applications will be funded using the same criteria.

Individual funding requests should generally range between $25,000 ($50,000 total project budget with a 50% match) and $100,000 ($200,000 total project budget with 50% match).

Contact Jenny Scanland at 775-684-2787 or Steve Weaver at 775-684-2773 for information.


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