Fire restrictions lifted in Nevada’s state parks

Spring Mountain State Park 

CARSON CITY, Nev.—The Nevada Division of State Parks announced today that fire restrictions will expire on Friday, October 05, 2007 in all of Nevada’s state parks.

Increased fuel moisture levels and much cooler temperatures across the state have allowed the Nevada Division of State Parks to follow the lead of other public agencies in lifting fire restrictions that were in place for most of the summer.

Park visitors still need to be cautious and extremely careful with fire. While conditions have improved, park vegetation is still flammable.

Park officials urge everyone to be fire safe with all outdoor activities, which includes making certain any open fires are not left unattended and are completely extinguished when they leave.

Whenever possible, the use of propane stoves and charcoal grill fires is still preferred over open campfires.

The Nevada Division of State Parks plans, develops and maintains a system of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of more than 2.3 million visitors a year. The division was established in 1963 by the Nevada Legislature to form a new state park agency within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The division manages and maintains 24 parks in Nevada.


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