Governor Gibbons creates climate change committee

Nevada State Seal CARSON CITY, Nev.–Governor Jim Gibbons today signed an executive order creating the Nevada Climate Change Advisory Committee and named its 13 members. The Committee is tasked with making recommendations to the Governor on reducing Nevada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“With this announcement I am looking forward to Nevada joining the world in its quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We live in a global society and Nevada has to be a responsible member of this society. Furthermore, with its abundance of renewable energy resources, Nevada can leverage these resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in its renewable energy industries, thus promoting economic growth and energy security while maintaining and enhancing the environment for future generations of Nevadans,” said Governor Gibbons.

The governor named the following committee members:

· Andrew Goodrich, director, Air Quality Management Division, Washoe County District Health Department (Chair)

· Allen Biaggi, director, Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

· Dr. Lung-Wen Antony Chen, assistant research professor, Division of Atmospheric Science, Desert Research Institute

· Kyle Davis, policy director, Nevada Conservation League

· Russ Fields, president, Nevada Mining Association and chair of the Nevada Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Task Force

· Jonathan Hutchings, director, Eureka County Department of Natural Resources

· Alan Pinkerton, deputy director, Clark County Department of Air Quality & Environmental Management

· Edgar Roberts, administrator, Motor Carrier Division, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

· Steve Robinson, governmental consultant

· Dr. John Sagebiel, environmental affairs manager, University of Nevada, Reno (endorsed by Nevada EcoNet)

· Cindy Ortega, senior vice president, energy and environmental services, MGM Mirage

· Michael Yackira, president and chief operating officer, Sierra Pacific Resources

· Rod Stahl, volunteer coordinator (non-voting member)

Governor Gibbons continued, “I have great confidence in this committee, which represents scientists, environmental and conservation groups, industry, state, county and rural communities. These are well-qualified individuals who will generate actionable and constructive recommendations.”

Chairman Andrew Goodrich said, “I am honored and humbled to serve with such knowledgeable and influential committee members. Together we will begin by documenting what Nevadans are currently doing to reduce greenhouse gases. Then we will identify the challenges our state will face in the future and provide options for a plan of action.”

Hatice Gecol, Governor Gibbons’ Science and Energy Advisor, said, “I am excited to see the formation of this committee and am looking forward to working with them in any way possible. Governor Gibbons has shown great leadership and care for our environment by taking a lead on this very important subject.”


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