Forestry awards $280,800 to Nevada Fire Safe Council

Nevada Division of Forestry LogoCarson, Tahoe and Douglas communities to benefit from grants

CARSON CITY, Nev.–The Nevada Division of Forestry announced today that it is awarding seven grants to Nevada Fire Safe Council chapters totaling $280,800 for fuel reduction projects.

“The grants will help these communities with fire protection in the event of a wildfire,” said Kacey KC of the Nevada Division of Forestry.

The chapters receiving money are:

  • Holbrook Chapter, Douglas County: $42,000
  • Genoa Chapter, Douglas County: $20,000
  • Lakeview, Carson City: $15,800
  • Lake Village, Douglas County:$40,000
  • Glenbrook, Douglas County: $58,000
  • Skyland, Douglas County: $18,000
  • Upper Kingsbury, Douglas County: $45,000.

The funds will be used for costs associated with on-the-ground fuels reduction projects, information and education relating to the wildland-urban interface, and homeowner and community action projects. Building fuel breaks around communities or getting private land-owners to make their land more fire safe are two examples of projects that are being funded.

The grants require that granted money must be matched in full by the chapters using non-federal dollars. The match can include training hours, sweat equity and homeowner cash contributions. The grants were made available through the National Fire Plan distributed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Please contact Kacey KC at (775) 684-2511 for more information.

The Nevada Division of Forestry is a division within the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The Division coordinates and manages all forestry, nursery, endangered plant species and watershed resource activities on certain public and private lands. The Division provides protection of life, property and natural resources through fire suppression, prevention programs and provides other emergency services as required.

The Nevada Fire Safe Council is a 501c(3) non-profit organization working with a coalition of citizens, business and representatives from local, state and federal government agencies that share a common interest in reducing the wildfire threat and increasing community protection. Monies donated are used to help fulfill the Nevada Fire Safe Council mission.


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