Governor Gibbons appoints Dodgion chairman of Environmental Commission

Nevada State SealCARSON CITY, Nev.—Governor Jim Gibbons today appointed Lewis “Lew” Dodgion Chairman of the Nevada State Environmental Commission, replacing longtime Chairman Melvin “Mel” Close, who resigned late last year. Governor Gibbons made the appointment on the basis of Dodgion’s 30-year background in Nevada environmental issues.

“Lew Dodgion has unsurpassed experience in this state, the health of its people and the health of its environment,” he said. “He knows Nevada’s environmental issues inside and out, from air to water to waste. I believe he will continue to be a strong proponent of protecting of our resources, while being sensitive to the economic issues important to our continued prosperity.”

Lewis Dodgion has served on the Environmental Commission as a member since 2004. He retired after 18 years as administrator of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Before that, he spent ten years working for the Bureau of Environmental Health in the state Health Division, which included oversight of Nevada’s Safe Drinking Water program. Dodgion graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has been a Nevada resident since 1942.

“I appreciate the Governor demonstrating his confidence in me by appointing me to what I consider one of the most important commission positions in our state. It demands balancing the interests of the public, industry and our natural resources. I’ve devoted most of my professional life to protecting Nevada’s environment for the benefit of its people, and I look forward to continuing that work as Chairman,” said Dodgion.

The State Environmental Commission is the oversight board for environmental issues in Nevada. Commissioners oversee the actions of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, approving the Division’s regulations and decisions. The Division administers programs affecting air and water quality, hazardous and solid waste, recycling, hazardous chemicals, mining reclamation, federal facilities, soil and water remediation, safe drinking water, and water pollution control.


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