Fuels reduction work continues on east Carson range

Nevada Division of Forestry LogoFuel breaks expected to lessen future fire impacts

CARSON CITY, Nev.–The Nevada Division of Forestry and Division of State Parks continue work on a fuel break in northwest Carson City–work that started as a result of the 2004 Waterfall Fire. The division has removed about 500 trees from the project site in the past two weeks.

“The reduced fuel loading will assist with fighting any future fires, and will reduce damage from future fires by helping to keep fire on the ground and not becoming crown fires higher in tree tops,” said John Copeland, fire protection officer. “Work is scheduled to continue on the project until weather conditions prevent access to the site.”

Following the 2004 Waterfall Fire, the Nevada Division of State Parks and the Division of Forestry drafted an initial fuels management plan and are developing a comprehensive plan to link fuels management efforts in the Tahoe Basin and the east side of the Carson Range into a cohesive, well defined network of fuel breaks, Copeland said.

In 2005, crews from the Division of Forestry’s Stewart Conservation Camp started a fuel break on the east side of the Carson Range in the Lake Tahoe, Nevada State Park. The fuel break is located along the Hobart Lakeview Road, and extends up to 150 feet to either side of the road. Last year, more than 50 cords of firewood were sold to the public. As part of the fuels reduction effort, material will be burned in piles by fire crews during fire-safe weather conditions. It is anticipated that firewood generated from the project will be sold by Nevada State Parks in the fall of 2007.

Project funding is provided through the State and Private Forestry Program, a partnership between the US Forest Service and the Nevada Division of Forestry. For information, please contact John Copeland at 849-2500.

The Nevada Division of Forestry is a division within the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The Division coordinates and manages all forestry, nursery, endangered plant species and watershed resource activities on certain public and private lands. The Division provides protection of life, property and natural resources through fire suppression, prevention programs and provides other emergency services as required.

The Nevada Division of State Parks plans, develops and maintains a system of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of more than 2.3 million visitors a year. The division was established in 1963 by the Nevada Legislature to form a new state park agency within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The division manages and maintains 24 parks in Nevada.


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